Powering your defences

Demand for power

The use of modern electronics, communications and surveillance systems, access to real time tactical information and logistic support have dramatically increased the mobility and responsiveness of today’s modern armed forces. Wheeled and tracked vehicles have become the chosen platform for deploying powerful electronic systems. Fischer Panda Generators are suited for mobile units requiring an efficient and robust power supply while operating independently for long periods.

Smaller, more mobile units are required to undertake diverse roles and their mission profiles have been dramatically expanded: executing offensive and defensive combat missions, sustaining prolonged operations, providing disaster relief and supporting aid agencies during peacekeeping tasks at short notice anywhere in the world. Such operations involve many small units spread over a large area. Reliable power sources are critical for command, communications, intelligence and tactical systems to ensure that they can operate effectively and accomplish the mission.

Specialist teams deploying power hungry equipment can operate away from base areas so force commanders can utilise them to best effect.

Reliable electricity supply is the life blood of modern mobile forces as electronic systems play a central role in supporting battlefield operations from the strategic level, through joint service deployment, -to tactical units operating all areas of the battle space.