Powering your defences


Fischer Panda Defence Energy Systems

Power – wherever you are Fischer Panda generators are suited for a wide range of military applications requiring compact, quiet, efficient and quickly- deployable power solutions. Power systems for integrated vehicle operations Power systems for light forces C3 applications 400 Hz power systems for air defence applications Integrated AC power systems for medium-sized vehicle applications Combined Air-conditioning and Power Systems “CAPS” Parallel power – scalable power systems Power for general purpose applications

PDF: Fischer_Panda_Defence_Energy_Systems

Fischer Panda Defence Generator Reference Guide
  • Air-cooled DC Generators
  • Water-cooled DC Generators
  • Water-cooled AC Generators 50 / 60 Hz
  • Water-cooled AC Generators 400 Hz
  • Combined Generator & Aircons / CAPS
  • Environmental Control Units (ECUs)
PDF: Military_Generators_Reference_Models_v2019_v2i
Fischer Panda – Power-wherever you are: Interview mit Stephan Backes, Geschäftsführer Fischer Panda GmbH