Power for general purpose applications from Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda Generators are generally suited for supplying power for general purpose applications operating from towed, shelter-based, container, mobile and semi-static locations that are not connected to the local grid or managed by on-site power utilities. Often the power for general purpose applications is well defined, but the vehicles deploying them have weight and space restrictions. Fischer Panda generators are modular in design which gives the customer a wide range of installation and mounting options.

The generators are available in a wide range of voltage and frequencies for supplying continuous power for applications :

  • supplying lighting
  • air conditioning
  •  heating devices
  • filtering and ventilation devices
  • air compressors and pumps for air circulation and flow and shelter pressurizing systems
  • hydraulic pumps
  • power tools for mobile workshops
  • battery charging.

Fischer Panda Generators can be found worldwide supplying power to mobile petrochemical laboratories, repair and maintenance units, intelligence and data analysis, mobile surgeries, field hospitals, fire fighting vehicles, coastal vessels, health centers, disaster control and emergency relief agencies.

The generators are fitted within a sound insulated capsule, this ensures that operators are not disturbed while working, even less than a metre from the generator and low signatures reduce the possibility of detection.

Extreme weather conditions such as heat and terrain can take a high toll on material.  The water-cooled Fischer Panda Generator does not require hot and dusty air to keep cool while operating. This means a long and trouble free life for the equipment.

Fischer Panda offers a range generators that can be installed externally on the vehicle’s chassis or within a protected area inside the vehicle. Generators of the type PVMV-N have an internal water-cooled exhaust silencer. Generators of the type SST are designed specially for mobile shelters with a generator tunnel. Generators of the type PSC Panda Self Contained are often designed to function as a turn key unit.

Fischer Panda Generators supply power to a wide range of defence applications:

About Fischer Panda

We are a leading manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile marine and vehicle applications. Our generators are renowned worldwide for their compact design and extremely low sound levels while running. Our team has over 500 technicians and dealers in over 80 countries worldwide.

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The Fischer Panda product portfolio contains a wide range of marine and vehicle generators as well as electric drive systems for marine applications. If you require a marine generator for a naval application please view our generators on the company website at [ ext. link : www.fischerpanda.de ]

Our drive system website has a range of electric drives up to 100 kW with models operating in submersible, autonomous / remote-controlled applications [ ext. link : electric-drive-systems.fischerpanda.de ]