Fischer Panda AGT 3500L DC Generator
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Fischer Panda AGT 3500L DC Generator

The Fischer Panda AGT 3500L Generator is an air-cooled DC generator that supplies 28V. The generator supplies a 120 A charging current to charge a 24 V battery bank. An output connection is fitted on the top of the generator housing. The diesel generator has an integrated fuel tank with a capacity of 5 liters. The fuel tank is mounted on the top of the frame. An optical glass window  shows how much fuel is filled. An option is available for operation using an external fuel supply.

The Fischer Panda AGT 3500L Generator is enclosed within a robust sound insulation housings. The dry weight of the unit is approximately 128 kg. Carrying handles are mounted on the housing to assist placing into the position for its intended use. Easy access to the components of generator is gained by unlocking the side panels releases and removing each panel. An operator's digital panel is mounted into the side of the housing.  The air intake into the enclosed housing is partially covered. This prevents rain from entering the housing.

The panel is protected by a hinged cover. The generator is fitted with an emergency stop button.

The color of the generator can be matched according to the specifications of the customer's application requirements. The generator is designed for operation in well ventilated areas.

Fischer Panda AGT Generators are powerful battery charging generators. The term AGT stands for Advanced Generator Technology. You can visit these pages to see all Fischer Panda air-cooled DC generators or Fischer Panda water-cooled DC generators available on this website.

Nominal Output: 3,2 kW at sea level / +50°C
Output Voltage: 24(28)V DC
Output Current: 120 A
Start System: 24V Electrical
Engine Type: 1B40
Engine Cylinders: 1
Fuel Supply: Integrated 5l fuel tank + option for external
Frame / Mounting: Lightweight open frame for installing in well ventilated areas
Cooling System: Air cooling
Instrumentation & Electrical: Instruments on APU Frame
Approx APU weight (wet): 128 kg (dry)



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