Panda “FP” ECU 8000

Panda "FP" ECU 8000

ECU Model Panda „FP“ ECU 8000 Environmental Control Unit


ECU Type Split System :  ECU

Cooling Performance : 8 kW

Heating Performance : 5 kW

Operating Voltage : 400 V AC / 50 Hz

Operating Temperature Range : -32°C - +55°C

Control : Operator panel mounted on evaporator

Operation: Temperature and fan speed controlled in automatic mode (1°C steps)

Area of Application : Civil and defence applications

Area of Operation : Vehicle, container and shelter-based installations

EMC Compliance : Designed to meet MIL-STDs concerning EMC

Compressor : Scroll Compressor

Refrigerant : R134a

Connections : Electrical cables and cooling hoses are available in various lengths.

Hoses can be supplied without plugs and connectors.

Installation : Must be externally mounted under a covered area

Options : Design, position of air outlets, colour, ABC/NBC filter and operational features


Approx. Weight : [kg] 113

Dimensions : (L x W X H) [mm] 850 x 500 x 525


Approx. Weight : [kg] 39

Dimensions : (L x W X H) [mm] 740 x 293 x 670

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