Fischer Panda 10 SST (Super Silent Tunnel) AC Generator
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Fischer Panda 10 SST (Super Silent Tunnel) AC Generator

This Fischer Panda 10 SST (Super Silent Tunnel) generator is a compact water-cooled AC generator.
The standard version is available with electrical winding to supply 3 x 208 V 3-phase 60 Hz.

Other electrical winding versions are also available with 120 V / 240 V / 60Hz or 230 V/50Hz or 230V / 400V / 50Hz as an option on request.

The generator supplies a stable supply of 10 kW at 3000 m / +50°C) power.
The generator is driven by a three-cylinder diesel Kubota D722 engine with turbo.

The generator unit is designed to be connected to an external diesel fuel source or the vehicle's fuel tank.

The Fischer Panda 10 SST generator is enclosed within a robust sound insulation housing which significantly reduces operating sounds.
The dry weight of the Fischer Panda 10 SST is approximately 340 kg.

Easy assess to the components of generator is gained by unlocking the releases and removing the side panels. The entire unit is mounted on sides which allows it be removed from the protected installation enclosure.

The engine and electrical windings are water-cooled with a single cooling circuit using radiator vertically mounted at the end of the unit.
This version comprising dry exhaust silencer mounting between the generator unit and electrical distribution box on the rails.

An externally mounted panel is included with the generator to operate it from within the command post. Fischer Panda provides custom services for applications that require the external panel to be mounted into an external housing unit and any other additional instrumentation that may be required by the customer application.

The generator has a integrated electrical distribution housing containing instrumentation and operator panel.
The front of the electrical has a protective door.
All application electrical consumers are connected via the connections next to the electrical distribution housing. An oil drain hose is integrated into the unit and can be withdrawn by removing a protective access plate.

The color of the generator can be matched according to the specifications of the customer's application requirements.

The generator is of the type SST which is Super Silent Tunnel are designed to be installed within shelter / command vehicles such as the  HUMVEE M1097A2 Shelter Carrier. These vehicles have a tunnel area used to house a generator dedicated for a specific (typically command and control) power applications.
SST generators have their own fuel source, dedicated cooling radiator, exhaust and electrical distribution.


Nominal Output: 10 kW at 3000m / +50°C
Output Voltage: 3 x 208 V 3-phase 60 Hz optional 120 V / 240 V / 60Hz or 230 V/50Hz or 230V / 400V / 50Hz
Output Current: 3 x 28 A
Start System: 24V Electrical
Engine Type: D722 + Turbo
Engine Cylinders: 3
Fuel Supply: Connections for external or vehicle fuel tank
Frame / Mounting: Slide mounted on rails for installation in HUMVEE Shelter
Cooling System: Integrated radiator and fans for cooling
Instrumentation & Electrical: Externally Mounted Panel
Approx APU weight (wet): 340 kg (dry)



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